Terms of License

Rights holder

Souen Incorporated have the rights management of our music publications, performance and duplicate issued by our own.

Performance License

If you want to perform our products in any Concerts, Contests and Events, Recording to CD, DVD or any other recordable devices. Please proceed the license application to us according to the following:

1) Request a ‘License Application Form’ by ‘Contact US’ on the menu. We send back Application form PDF file to you.

2) Please fill out all requirements and send a form to us.

3) We send back a ‘License Fees Specification From’, and Please pay fees by Paypal.

4) After confirm your payment, We will issue a ‘License Agreement Form’.

In the case of perform to satisfy all next three requirements, you can perform freely our products.

      • There is no commerciality in concerts, contests and events.
      • Do not collect admission fees.
      • Compensation or Performance fee is not paid to the performer(s).

We have set the price that corresponds to the copyright management organization typical of Japan.

We appreciate for your understanding of copyright.